The Program provides opportunities for self-expression to students of all ages and abilities with classes and workshops in: Painting, Drawing, Clay Modeling, Native Style Sacred Drum Making, Drumming, Singing and Storytelling. Guest teachers will also be invited to offer classes in their area of expertise.

These classes are taught in an integrative, holistic way rather than the lecture format. We will build on each individual's strengths and accentuate the positive. The teaching and learning will be creative therefore stimulating the student's desire to learn.


It is important to study the Medicine Wheel in order to develop inner balance to assist one to come into alignment with our true spiritual nature and to awaken our inner artist/healer/teacher.

Here are a few examples of workshops I offer for adults.



You have a unique gift to offer to the world!

Where are you in your circle of life? Where do you want to go and how are you going to get there? What obstacles are you facing? In this workshop you will be awakened to the 10 directions within your Circle of Life and how you can apply the Medicine Wheel teachings in your everyday life and work.

These key questions will be explored using paint, collage, mixed media and journaling to discover and define your personal mission in life and provide tools to assist you to manifest your vision. You will make a vision piece which you can take home. If you already know your calling this course can help you further clarify and develop your mission on a deeper level.

Earth Rhythm Music and Movement will also be a part of the workshop. Taught in a supportive, inspiring environment. For teens and adults of all abilities.


We will be studying the 3 primary colours and their meaning within the Wheel of Life. What is the Wheel of Life and why is it important? Based upon the Medicine Wheel teachings it will develop your ability to tap into your creative potential. You will enhance awareness of your creativity and experience greater freedom of expression. Learn to trust your intuition to assist in your everyday life and work.

You will learn how to mix colours and create a variety of paintings: abstract, mural, landscape and mixed media. Earth Rhythm Music and Movement will also be a part of the workshop. Taught in a supportive, inspiring environment. Class size is small for individual attention. For adults of all ages and abilities.



During this 2 1/2 day workshop spread over 3 days you will make your own sacred Drum following traditional teachings. You will receive training on caring for your Drum and the responsibility of being a Drum Keeper. The second part of the course you will make your drumstick and heart pouch. We gather again in 6 to 8 weeks to bring the drums to life in an AWAKENING CEREMONY

Learn the Ancient Healing Art of REIKI

Reiki is a laying on of hands healing system of incomparable ease and power.

  • Experience the benefits of Reiki
  • Natural and safe, gentle hands-on healing
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Re-establishes spiritual balance and mental well-being
  • Releases blocked energy and promotes a state of relaxation
  • Functions on all levels-mental, spiritual, physical, emotional

    First Degree Level I

    In this workshop you will receive the First Degree attunement, an information package on the history of Reiki, instruction for healing self as well as plants and animals and a Certificate upon completion.

    Second Degree Level II

    In this workshop you will receive the Second Degree attunement. You will learn three of the Reiki Symbols and how to use them for hands on and long distance healing as well as non-healing uses. You will have the opportunity to practice on yourself, on others and on the Earth. You will also learn about the organs, endocrines and main chakras. Level I is a prerequisite. You receive an information package and a certificate upon completion.

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