Caroline's Creative Arts Gallery

Here is a display of some of my original oil paintings on canvas for you. These originals are available for purchase as well as photo-reproductions and greeting cards of a variety of paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following, please make a note of the title of the painting and submit an email of your request. Thank you, Caroline

Gallery Hours: open to the public Saturdays & Sundays 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm from April 4th to December 20th, 2009

01_DoorwayToCreation 02_GatewaytotheUniverse 03_Victory 04_EasterSetting
Doorway To Creation Gateway to the Universe Victory! Easter Setting
05_ARiverRunsThroughIt 06_PathToPeaceAndProsperity 07_EnterCreativeSpirit 08_WoodsInSnow
A River Runs Through It Path To Peace & Prosperity Enter Creative Spirit Woods In Snow
09_Waterfall 10_TheDunes 11_Freedom 12_MyFreeSpirit
Waterfall The Dunes Freedom My Free Spirit
13_SacAtunI 14_SacAtunII 15_TheAngelsKiss 16_LandOfTheBigSky
Sac Atun I Sac Atun II The Angels Kiss Land Of The Big Sky
17_Strength 18_TreeofLife 19_TheBadlands 20_TheLookout
Strength Tree of Life The Badlands The Lookout
21_ReclaimingTheJoy 22_ASenseofWonder 23_PurpleDoorRedBlanket 24_BlueHouseInBoquete
Reclaiming The Joy A Sense of Wonder Purple Door Red Blanket Blue House In Boquete

Only Photo Reproductions

25_JourneyThroughMedicineWheel 26_ReunionWithTheGoddess 27_PenniesIris 28_Poppies
Journey Through The Medicine Wheel Reunion With The Goddess Pennie's Iris Poppies
29_ASenseofWonderII 30_TulumTreasure 31_MagicalEmeraldCloudforest 32_SkywardHopes
A Sense of Wonder II Tulum Treasure Magical Emerald Cloudforest Skyward Hopes